Stay and Train, or Stay and Play

Kipscombe is the home of Hillside Puppy School, which I set up in 2017 initially as a Puppy School Tutor running puppy classes, but which quickly expanded to include both adolescent and adult dog classes.

I want to bring back FUN into dog training. Fun for you, and fun for your dog. Learning through games not only boosts your bond with your dog, but also speeds up the learning process. I focus on effective solutions, targeting why your dog behaves as they do, instead of simply suppressing their behaviour. 

A training holiday is a great solution for those who struggle to commit to a course back home, or for those who cannot find a good local trainer. You will be relaxed, rested and have the advantage of time and the right environment to practice.

Let's put the JOY back into training!


Easy and effective strategies that will help you in the real world

Kind and ethical training methods

Friendly and supportive

If you have a dog with struggles I am sympathetic. I have challenging dogs of my own and know how exhausting and frustrating it can be. It is also difficult to navigate through all the advice that inevitably gets thrown at you!

A perfect environment to build your relationship with a new dog, in safety, without the distraction of other dogs in a group class, or simply to build on your skills and to have fun learning with your furry friend


When you join us at Kipscombe, you will have the opportunity to book discounted 1:2:1 training sessions which can be tailored to your dog’s exact needs. You can either book these individually, or take advantage of some fantastic savings on my specially designed bundles

Bronze Level - 3 hours of training, or games

Silver Level - 6 hours training or games

Gold Level - 6 hours training or games, plus 3 hours of additional trainer time

Free 30 minute Discovery session included 
We can make this as immersive as you like. Perhaps you have an anxious dog or a reactive dog and would like to discover how we can help them learn to relax and to boost their confidence? Maybe your dog ignores you in favour of squirrels and pheasants? Games-based training can help turn focus back to you! We can even include cozy fireside chats and fun activities like making dog treats!

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